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We specialise in long term boarding! Our Currumbin cattery has been specially designed to accommodate long term boarders. Our office has been built within the cattery so long term boarders can wander out from their rooms into the play area or into the office. Marianne and Jessica work from the office all day and they love having desk cats! They even made the custom size desk bigger to accommodate a cat!

The ‘office’ is an interior designers dream and has a couch so the cats experience homely comforts. Your cat will have access to human contact 8 hours per day. Cats can get depressed in a small area for long periods of time so we designed Currumbin so they had people contact (if they want it) all day long. A good cuddle each day is not enough for long term boarders. They need more attention than that and we give it to them.

We love making people smile, so will periodically email or text photos and videos of your cat so you can be sure they are happy and enjoying their home away from home. For more Click Here



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